Human Skull - PNG - SVG
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Human Skull - PNG - SVG

I think we can all agree that human skulls look cool. Personally I've been known to carve them out of pumpkins and other carvable things. In fact I wrote a whole damn book about how to carve skulls out of pumpkins, and for the book promotion (and for t-shirts I wear during pumpkin carving events) this drawing originally had a pumpkin stem growing out of the top! But I shaved that off for this drawing. 

ALSO INCLUDED: Bonus version for darker backgrounds! 
While a black-on-white design can still look cool when printed as white-on-black, it becomes a negative image: for example, the eye sockets and nasal cavity are “lit up,” and that’s just weird. 

To avoid that, I made a second skull design intended for dark backgrounds, which looks a bit more more like what an actual skull would look like in the dark!

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