Banana Slugs - PNG - SVG
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Banana Slugs - PNG - SVG

I'm far from the first to tell this visual joke. I went to UC Santa Cruz for a while where the mascot is a banana slug, then Cal Poly Humboldt (formerly Humboldt State) where lots of banana slugs attend classes, and I often find them on my porch in Eureka, chewing on my pumpkin carvings, and engaged in general lurking. They're not brilliant conversationalists but they're fun to have around.

One time on a hike through the redwoods, I saw a half-eaten Pacific Giant Salamader with a half-eaten banana slug in his mouth! Presumably the salamander succumbed to injuries after a fox or some other critter took a deadly nibble and spit him out when it became clear that salamanders taste gross. t was so rude of the fox to interrupt the salamander's meal, right? Anyway, that was a pretty intense nature-show crime scene. You should hike through the redwoods too, it's cool.

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