Tools for carving 3D pumpkins
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Tools for carving 3D pumpkins

Someday I might figure out a cost-effective way to manufacture my own line of pumpkin carving tools. Or maybe I’ll be able to get in cahoots with a manufacturer that can provide them at a reasonable cost. But until then, I’m just going to provide links to the kind of stuff I recommend. These are Amazon Affiliate links to items that look good to me, or that I’ve purchased and used myself. The wooden versions work just fine, and the "Xeim" tools are pricey, but they've got a nice hefty weight to them and seem like they'll last forever, so it might be worth the extra expense if you can swing it.

I don’t know any more than you do about the sellers, so as always, you should check their Amazon rating before you throw any money their way. But if you do make a purchase through the links below, I get some percentage of the sale, something like 4%. Which is kind of nice, so thank you!

Tools for carving 3D pumpkins

Perfect Pumpkin Peeler:
Larger pumpkins are harder to peel because their outer curvature is too flat for most vegetable peelers (Y-shaped handles with a blade) - they either can't grab at all, or at best they leave unwanted marks ("tracks" from the top of the Y) in the pumpkin. With this peeler I was able to whittle the skin off a 400-pound pumpkin without much difficulty. Of course the ease of peeling depends on many factors, but this blade works better than anything I've used.
I'd recommend using gloves, particularly since it's helpful to use two hands, one on the handle and one at the tip of the blade. Also, lots of folks reviewing this product on Amazon mention how they've cut themselves with it! For next season I may add another handle for better leverage and safety (there's a bolt that can be removed to facilitate that). Keep it clean and dry to avoid rust (read up on care of carbon steel), and there's a stainless steel version that might be worth a look. A great product!
And while you're filling your Amazon shopping cart, you might as well toss this book in there. The author is a big jerk, but the book is good:


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