That time Chris Hardwick read my thing
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That time Chris Hardwick read my thing

Excerpt from the Nerdist Community Corkboard - July 25, 2017:
Chris Hardwick mentions during episode 887 with Aidy Bryant:

Hi folks,


I’ve always “made my thing” but at the ripe old age of 46 I’ve finally consolidated all of my non-lucrative creative enterprises into a home-brewed site that feels warm and fuzzy to me: 3-D pumpkin carving, sand sculpture, music, graphic design and other Stupid Mike Tricks, all at I can’t see myself quitting my day job because all of this stuff is so very non-lucrative, but maybe I’m proof that you don’t have to stop doing a thing that brings joy (to you and/or other folks) because it doesn’t pay rent. Please take a look, hope you like it. 



Mike Craghead

Note: there’s no “I” in “Craghead.” People really think there is. In fact, it’s quite common for people to completely forget my first name and call me “Craig.” Like I’m “Craig Mikehead.” Really. It’s a thing that happens.



I wish I could send this quote back in time to my 20-year-old self:

“People often say they want to go into a creative career, and then they try to do that, and they end up in a place where the work that they are doing is not quite creative enough to really stimulate their soul, and it’s not quite career enough to keep them financially stable. In other words, they kind of sacrifice both. My feeling is, stop trying to marry these two things, and separate them out. Choose your creative vocation, try to find the thing that brings your soul to animated life when you do it and do that thing on your own. Do that thing by any means necessary, turn yourself into it completely, and then find another way to pay the gas bill...”

- Elizabeth Gilbert


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